Why I don’t care about sports or nationalism

Lately, as the World Cup has been unfolding, I’ve been approached by many people who think that I will care that a certain team is winning or losing. My background is Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian. It’s almost an immediate assumption that I’ll want to know the scores, or what team is staying/leaving. It astonishes me … More Why I don’t care about sports or nationalism

Feeling alone

Some people say it’s possible to be alone but not feel lonely. I think being alone can be great when you truly need alone time. But feeling alone is entirely different. You can be surrounded by everyone you care about, or perhaps be in a room full of people you know or don’t know, and … More Feeling alone

How are you?

Typically when someone asks me this question I give the standard response: good. I feel that most people don’t really want to know the truth – most people don’t care to hear some long-winded story about the flurry of emotions I might be feeling at any given time. Nor do they necessarily want to know … More How are you?