I spent the winter months wishing for spring, thinking it would bring the clarity and rejuvenation I needed. But when spring came, I hardly took the time to appreciate it. Instead, I focused on other things that I was lacking, on perceived personal failures, and on all of my doubts. But in one brief, albeit … More Gratitude

Feeling alone

Some people say it’s possible to be alone but not feel lonely. I think being alone can be great when you truly need alone time. But feeling alone is entirely different. You can be surrounded by everyone you care about, or perhaps be in a room full of people you know or don’t know, and … More Feeling alone

The ocean.

Part 1: Her mind. Her mind was like the ocean. Often calm, beautifully sparkling under the sun, the waves gently falling in peaceful harmony. But sometimes a storm would rage, and she would sit inside her small sailboat, holding on for dear life. And in that moment, it would become difficult to breathe. The water … More The ocean.