Do I have to have set opinions on everything?

Have you ever encountered people with such strong opinions about a subject that you haven’t been able to make up your mind about? Is it bad to not have a set, inflexible perspective about everything?

I personally think that it’s OK to not know what you think all the time. Maybe you haven’t gathered enough information to make up your mind. Maybe you see flaws in your own ways of thinking, no matter which way you think about it. Maybe you want to take more time to reflect before you spew an opinion just for the sake of having one. Sometimes I want to have discussions with people not for the sake of arguing a side, but for the sake of learning from each other. There’s so much that can be learned from listening to others, and from taking time to gather your thoughts, and see which ways they ebb and flow.

Recently I watched a talk between Joe Rogan and Russell Brand and I was impressed with the respect they had for each others’ views, and how while they would often disagree with each other, there were certain similarities and lines of thinking that made it feel as though they were building off each others’ ideas rather than just arguing back and forth. It was fascinating to listen to. I feel like that’s lacking in so many interactions I have with people. Sometimes I can’t even state my views because someone thinks they’re right from the beginning and doesn’t care what my opinion might be. All humans have egos, but some humans are gravely controlled by them.

When we can’t examine our own thoughts, when we can’t question why we see something the way we do, when we can’t try to see it from other perspectives and decide if there’s a better way to view something, we’re letting the ego take over. The mind cannot be damaged by processing new information.

Here’s the talk if you’re interested:


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