Effort: a dying concept?

I feel like most people in this era don’t understand the concept of effort when it comes to relationships. Most people seem to think it implies taking someone out to dinner. Buying them something. It doesn’t. Effort is simply trying to be there for each other, no matter what obstacles might be in the way. It seems we view relationships as too much hard work. And most people would rather get an immediate reward than actually get to know someone and put in the effort. Why should they when almost everything is at our fingertips? Consumeristic mentality has translated into the dating world. Humans are now menu-like items on dating apps. We can’t have just one. Why bother putting time and effort into one person if there’s so many options. If you find yourself asking this, I’ll give you a reason. Effort being put into one person translates into the ultimate rewards: intimacy, companionship, caring, love, friendship, passion, romance. I’ll never understand why society has become so obsessed with immediate gain when all of those rewards won’t be present. How do people feel fulfilled with such lacklustre interactions?

Is effort a dying concept?


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