Leaving a dark place

Sometimes I get so consumed in the darkness that I don’t even realize I’m dwelling inside it. In the past few months, I’ve been very sad. And I created a permanent residence inside the sadness. I almost forgot what it feels like to be happy. I began to convince myself that this is all there is. Pain. Suffering. Sadness. And it’s hard not to when you feel like that. It’s hard to think it will get better when things stay the same. And when I’m like this, I isolate myself from people in order to brood in my thoughts a while longer. But doing that hasn’t brought me closer to a solution to my problems. The thing that has been helping me is breaking out of that same routine of isolation and brooding. Instead, I’ve been looking to new ideas outside of my own limited knowledge and new activities outside of my routine. I know only that I know nothing, as Socrates said. But yet, all of the answers are also inside of me. How does this make sense, you may ask. The idea I came across recently is seeking peace inside yourself- a peace that is already there despite any other emotion or thought (i.e. Problem) that may be interrupting it. The answer is you. I watched a YouTube video by Dakota Wint who talked about the Hindu philosophy of Vedanta. It teaches us that we are the problem and the solution (discovervedanta.com). It’s crazy how much this one idea has transformed my thoughts in the past couple days. The light is still there, it’s inside of me, and I’m rediscovering it slowly but surely.


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