Are you a lone wolf too?

You know what happens to people who constantly get hurt by others? They start to believe that maybe they deserve this. Maybe they’re not good enough. Maybe it’s their fault. They don’t hate anyone who hurt them. Instead, they just start hating themselves. They think, “it must be my fault because I got myself in this situation.” But amidst that self hatred, they also develop an inability to trust people. And sometimes, an inability to connect. And in a way, it can be good for them. They’re much more skeptical now. Much more self protective. Much more able to see through bullshit. But there’s always this feeling of emptiness and loneliness that plagues them. Especially around other people who don’t understand what they’ve been through, and don’t try to help them bring their guard down.

Picture an injured wolf who’s been betrayed by its pack. The lone wolf seems the most misunderstood, the most feared. Even in literature it’s been the lone wolf that is portrayed as a terrifying outlier. But I think the lone wolf is legendary. How something so hurt can rise again and defend itself against the world is inspiring to say the least. And if that’s you, you should realize how strong you really are. And one day, you’ll meet other lone wolves who see that strength too. And you won’t feel so alone anymore.

I think we’re all afraid of being alone. Some are more willing to admit it than others. But we should never let loneliness dictate who we spend most of our time with. Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive. People who make you appreciate everything more. Don’t waste these precious moments on those who either bring you down or just simply don’t ignite a flame in your heart. Maybe you’ve never felt that shit. But believe me, it exists. It’s worth seeking; it’s worth fighting for. It’s worth being alone until you find the other lone wolves.


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