I dreamt last night that I wasn’t lost

I dreamt last night that I wasn’t lost.

That for once in my existence

Everything had gone according to plan.

And the plan – oh it was magnificent;

Detailed, sharp, precise, intentional.

It had led me to my destination.

I had arrived.


And now I would no longer need to search,

To seek some sort of answer in the emptiness,

To claw my way through the darkness,

As if letting go would catapult me further down.

No, I no longer felt the fear

Of uncertainty, of the misleading directions

Tearing me apart at the seams.


I was here, and it was everything.


When I awoke and found that nothing had changed,

That I was still lost,

A terrifying thought entered my brain:

Were my dreams the only place where I had purpose?

Were feelings of fulfillment only achievable in another realm?

Was I bound to be a seeker for the rest of my life?

I closed my eyes again.


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