They’re not superheroes

Hero worship is imbedded in the roots of our society. Every day I catch myself or others praising those we do not know. We venerate our favourite actors/actresses, musicians, politicians, sports figures, talk show hosts, social media figures, and anyone else who has some level of fame. Society rewards and idolizes people for their accomplishments, level of influence, and their appearance. But how often do we pay as much attention to character? How often do we place people on a pedestal who have done something to actually benefit humanity? In my opinion, we don’t do this often enough. We’re obsessed with the lives of celebrities, people in powerful positions, or people who have accomplished more than the average person. We behave and speak of these people as if we know them; as if we know who they are when they’re not in the spotlight. It’s a strange phenomenon and I try my best to avoid it. I truly believe that if we gave as much attention to people who spread goodwill, the world might be a better place.


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