The Lone Wolf who has Intuition

I enjoy my own company far too much to waste my time on people who only want to waste my time. I was born with a sixth sense; call it a heightened intuition. I know, although sometimes I’m in denial, what people want from me. The denial stems from a desire to connect, and sometimes I hope that what I’m feeling is wrong. That perhaps I’m just overthinking it; perhaps so and so does care about me but only shows it in a different way, or doesn’t know how to show it… No. I’ve learned that my gut is usually right. People’s actions always demonstrate what they want from me. Whether they’re genuinely there for me or only want me around temporarily. And it’s hard learning that some will only want you in their lives based on what you can contribute to theirs. It’s hard learning that some would rather have hundreds of meaningless connections than a few meaningful ones. It’s hard learning that some people will act like you’re a priority but really only see you as an option. I’ve built my castle walls higher and higher because of these people. I can’t have anyone wasting my time and energy. Those who truly care about me will show it and believe me when I say I’ll know it. Because something awakened inside of me a long time ago; something that has been accumulating steadily with every experience I’ve had. The vibes I receive are more and more clear than they were when I was younger and I know who the wolves in sheep’s clothing are. But what they don’t realize is that I’m a wolf too. I roam these woods alone and unafraid.


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