When did we begin to think

That all we are is our bodies?

Just look at all those stars…

I wonder in amazement

How we got to be on this planet

Floating in the massive universe

And the billions of galaxies

Faced with the possibility that we may not be the only ones…

Yet here we sit

With all our focus on “physical beauty;”

some abstract concept that we heavily invest in.

Craving external validation

For our appearance.

It blows my mind.

I can’t define how I feel

When society tells me that what matters

Is on the outside.

I’ve been hypnotized for a long time

Entrenched into some sick competition

And I bought into it.

I spent money, time, and effort

To gain approval for how I looked.

But while I may have experienced a partial awakening,

I will still care and make the effort,

Sometimes unconsciously,

So I can feel like I belong,

Like I’m accepted or desired,

Even though deep down I know

This is the last reason

I’d want to get any form of attention.

But I will not let it define me.

I crave connection,

Some deeper meaning to life

I want something more than a “like”

On my selfie.

Can we redefine what beauty is?

Like trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, hope, and love.

Can we show more praise

For acts of kindness,

for being passionate about a cause,

or an idea worth sharing?

Let’s give poetry, art, science, and philosophy

More attention than we do to beauty.

Because a good heart and intelligence

Have accomplished more for the human species

Than beauty ever will.


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