Halloween – trick or treat?

For some, Halloween lasts for a day and is gone and forgotten until the next year. Some consider Halloween to be a joke and don’t see its merit, while others see it as offensive. And while we are all entitled to our own opinion, I believe that those who truly understand Halloween know that the spirit of Halloween lives inside all every day of the year. For are we not all wearing a mask of some sort? Have we not all had some sort of fear, irrational or not, take over us at some point in our lives? Do we not have uncanny experiences that make us question what is rational and irrational, believable and unbelievable in this world? And finally, are we not all confronted with questions about the meaning of life and whether there is life after death? To me, that is the essence of Halloween, and it is why it is my favourite time of year. While to some it may be a celebration of mass deception, I see it as a day that celebrates many underlying truths about the human condition.


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